Honors | The Moral Basis of American Politics
H204 | 0014 | Failer

11:15A-12:30    TR    BH 305
Honors 204 fulfills COAS topics requirement.
This section meets with Honors H228.

Is there a moral basis to politics? If so, what is it?
In this class we read some great works in political philosophy -- itself a
branch of moral philosophy -- in order to address the role of morality in
politics. Specifically, we ask four questions: 1) Why obey the law? 2)
What makes government legitimate? 3) Which morality binds political
actors? 4) Why disobey the law?
By reading works in the canon of political philosophy, we will try to
clarify our understanding of real and contemporary political problems.
Similarly, we will also use political problems to focus our readings of
the classic works.