Honors | Ideas and Human Experience - Ancient
H211 | 0003 | Cecil

1:00P-2:15P    MW    WH 114
This section is an Intensive Writing course and requires registration in
COAS W333.

This fall we will study royal power and compare the dangers it poses when
it's abused by the one who possesses it with the equally terrible dangers
it poses when it's exercised weakly, or not at all. Beginning with
Agamemnon's inconsistent, selfish, and short sighted exercise of royal
power in The Iliad, and concluding with Satan's brilliant leadership
of his bad angels in Paradise Lost, we'll read ten great classical
and renaissance portraits of great, terrible, and ideal kings.
Written work for the course will consist of daily written discussion
questions, three 3-5 page critical papers, and a final, creative paper of
5-10 pages which will be photocopied and discussed by the class as a whole
in the final two weeks of the semester. Course texts will consist of:
Gilgamesh (tr. David Ferry); Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey, Virgil's,
Aeneid; Sophocles', Theban Plays; Seneca's,  Trojan Women; Njal's Saga
(tr. Magnus Magnussan); Machiavelli's, The Prince; Shakespeare's,
Corialanus, and Milton's, Paradise Lost.