Honors | Ideas and Human Experience - Ancient
H211 | 0006 | Glowacki

11:15A-12:30P    TR	    BH 011
This course COAS Intensive Writing and also requires registration in COAS

In this course we will explore the concept of the hero/heroine in the
ancient (and modern) world by reading and discussing some of the most
enduring "classics" of Western literature, beginning with the Homeric
poems from 8th century B.C. Greece and ending with Shakespeare's Henry
plays from 16th century England. What does it mean to be a hero or
heroine? Does the definition change over time and with culture? Are there
any "universal" heroic qualities which transcend temporal and cultural
divisions? What are the responsibilities of the hero/heroine to friends,
family, society, and god? You will also be challenged to place these
concepts in a modern perspective, by comparing more recent works such as
Simon Weil's reflection on the Iliad in light of her experiences during
World War II, or by contrasting Laurence Olivier's production of Henry V
with that of Kenneth Branaugh.