Honors | Ideas and Experience - Ancient
H211 | 0007 | Weitzman

1:00P-2:15P    TR    BH 241
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TOPIC:  Confronting Death
In this course we confront one of the great problems facing humans in all
times and places: the terror of death and the limits it imposes on human
possibility? What does it mean to die? What happens after death? Is there
a way to overcome mortality? Does death deny life any ultimate meaning or
does it somehow add to the meaning of life?
To explore these questions we will look at how they have been addressed in
some of the great works of world literature, works where the author or a
central character confronts his or her mortality, experiences the death of
a loved one, finds a way to overcome death, or catches a glimpse of the
other side. These texts will launch our class discussions, serve us as the
basis for three class essays and provide potential models for a short
story or poem where you will confront death personally through an act of
Course Texts:
The Epic of Gilgamesh
The Bible (Hebrew Bible and New Testament)
The Odyssey