Honors | Economics
S201 | 1688 | Kniesner

In S201 we study the concepts and behavioral regularities of markets for
goods and services with the objective of increasing your understanding of
important social issues involving what goods and services the economy
produces, how it produces them, and who gets to consume the goods and
services produced. Our time together is intended to provide you with a set
of intellectual tools and empirical findings that will be useful  in
thinking about current events during the semester and in your later life.
The course emphasizes issues of particular interest to private sector
firms, both for profit and not-for-profit, and to government policymakers
using examples from the instructor's personal experiences during the time
he has worked at Eli Lilly and at the President's Council of Economics
Advisers. Some of the insights you gain will be important in helping you
get a job of your choosing or go to graduate school and other insights
will provide you with an clearer understanding of government policy so
that you can be a more informed voter.