Honors | Mathematics
S212 | 3199 | Brown

This course is designed for students of outstanding ability who are
strongly motivated to study in greater depth the rudiments of elementary
calculus. We will begin with a review of basic concepts, including those
of limit, continuity, etc., as well as discussions of the mean value
theorem and the fundamental theorem. The material of  M212 will be
covered, but at a greater pace and with different emphasis. These topics
include techniques of integration, sequences and
computations/approximations with infinite series of functions (e.g., the
use of Taylor series to differentiate and integrate transcendental
functions), etc.
The course will also employ the computer to help the student gain a better
understanding of the material. MAPLE, a symbolic manipulation computer
program, will be used. Regular homework assignments and quizzes will be
given.  The prerequisite is M211, Calculus I, and consent of the