Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Coaching of Basketball (2 cr)
A362 | 6228 | Knight/Ellenberger

2 lectures and 2 labs per week, 50 minute periods for the FIRST EIGHT WEEKS

This course is designed for the aspiring basketball coach.  The course
concentrates on the fundamentals of coaching and its philosophies.  All
phases of the game will be covered.  Each class meeting will consist of a
lecture and a lab.  Labs meet the period before and after each lecture.  In
the lab students will execute the fundamentals and drills related to playing
and coaching the game.  Proper shoes are required.  Individual and group
projects including a course paper are required.   Fundamentals, drills and
team concepts will be included.

Final grade determination is based on class attendance, lab participation,
coaching techniques, class projects and a course paper.