Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Independent Study in the Martial Arts (1-3 cr)
E100 | 6337 | Staff

E150, E250, and E350 OR E147, E247 and E347.  A brown belt (3rd Kup) in
Hapkido or Taekwondo and permission of the Martial Arts Coordinator.

Independent study directed toward advancement toward the black belt in
either Hapkido or Taekwondo.  The student may receive only one (1) credit
hour per semester but may take the course three (3) times receiving one (1)
credit each time.  The student will be working toward either a red belt (2nd
Kup), a red and black belt (1st Kup) or a black belt (1st dan) under the
guidance of the Martial Arts Coordinator and club instructor.

Attendance at either the IU Hapkido/Self Defense or the IU Taekwondo Clubs
two times per week.

Donald Burns - Martial Arts Coordinator

Grading is S/F basis only.

Students are allowed a maximum of three (3) absences.  Upon a fourth
absence, a student has 3 options:
1)	receive a grade of F;
2)	officially withdraw from the class;
3)	follow an appeal procedure with the instructor and/or the Elective
Program Coordinator.