Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Lifeguard Instructor/Safety Training (1 cr)
E100 | 6338 | Staff

Current certifications in lifeguard training and water safety instruction.

Two fifty minute periods per week.

This course will train instructor candidates how to teach Community Water
Safety, Lifeguard Training and Safety Training for Swim Coaches (for those
with competitive swimming experience) by developing an understanding for the
use of course materials, how to conduct training sessions, understanding
methods used to evaluate students and how to prepare and submit course

Safety Training for Swim Coaches provides training in aquatic safety for
competitive swim coaches, athletes participating in aquatic activities and
athletic trainers.

Sport Safety Training (with adult and Child CPR) provides individuals with
the knowledge and skills necessary to help provide a safe environment and in
an emergency to help sustain and minimize the consequences of injury or
sudden illness until medical help arrives.

Students are allowed a maximum of 3 absences.  Upon a fourth absence the
student has 3 options.

1)  receive a grade of F;
2)  officially withdraw from the class;
3)  follow an appeal procedure with the instructor and/or the Elective
Program Coordinator.

ATTIRE:  One piece swim suit.

EXAMS:  Written and skills tests.

GRADING:  Letter graded

FEE: None