Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Hapkido (1 cr)
E147 | 6437-6442 | Staff

Two 50 minute periods per week

Instruction in basic hapkido technique softhrowing, blocking, striking,
kicking, joint locks and self-defense.  Students should achieve the
technical skill level of a yellow belt in hapkido by mid-term and an orange
belt by finals.

A.  To impart a basic understanding and appreciation for the physical and

philosophical aspects of the martial art hapkido.
B.  To provide instruction in rudimentary offensive and defensive
C.  To provide insight into martial arts heritage, customs and etiquette,
and a
general understanding of hapkido terminology.
D.  To develop in the students a positive attitude toward the practice of

hapkido and the martial arts.
E.  To make the students aware of various self-defense techniques while at
same time stressing the seriousness of any physical conflict.

Students are allowed a maximum of three (3) absences.  Upon a fourth absence
the student has three (3) options:
1)  receive a grade of F;
2)  officially withdraw from the course;
3)  follow an appeal procedure through your instructor and/or the Elective

Program Coordinator.

Your grade in this class will be determined as follows:
1. One written exam  (30%)
2. Two skills exams   (70%)
If you have any questions about how your grade will be determined please
free  to contact your instructor.

Each student is required to have a martial arts uniform.  No shoes will be
worn during class time.  It is alright to wear socks.  Women should wear a
T-Shirt under their uniform jacket.  You should have your uniform by the
start of the third week of class.

An Introduction to Hapkido by Donald J. Burns