Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Tennis (1 cr)
E181 | 6488-6493 | Staff

Sections 6488, 6489 and 6490 meets one 50 minute period four times per week
for the FIRST EIGHT WEEKS ONLY.  Sections 6491, 6492 and 6493 meet two 50
minute periods per week for the entire semester and are taught in HPER 199.

Beginning instruction in the fundamental skills of tennis including ground
serves, and volley.  Singles and doubles competition.

COURSE OBJECTIVES:   This course should enable you to:

1.  select tennis equipment that is right for you;
2.  demonstrate the proper grips, and techniques for the serve, return of

serve, forehand, backhand, volley, lob, and overhead;
3.  understand the scoring procedures and basic rules of play;
4.  identify the etiquette, safety considerations, and basic terminology

associated with the game of tennis.

Students are encouraged to have their own tennis racquet.  Racquets may be
checked out from the equipment room in HPER 199 with a student ID.  Each
student is required to supply one NEW can of tennis balls.  The instructor
collect the balls and bring them to class each day.  The balls should be
given to the
instructor at the second class meeting.  Shoes:  Some type of court shoe;
black-soled running shoes and street shoes of any kind are not allowed.

Students are allowed a maximum of 3 absences.  Upon a fourth absence a
student has three (3) options:
1)  receive a grade of F;
2)  officially withdraw from the class;
3)  follow an appeal procedure through your instructor and the Elective

Your final grade in the E181 Tennis will be computed  according to your
performance on skill proficiency tests (70%) and a written knowledge test