Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Legal Issues in Sport Environment (3 cr)
K511 | 6289 | Lara-Plummer

Meets one 2 hour and 30 minute period one time per week.  Meets with P411

The objective of this course is to provide the student with an understanding
of the American legal system and laws as they affect amateur and
professional athletics and the sport industry in general.  The course is
also intended to provide the student with an introduction to legal research
and analysis in the context of sports - related legal issues.

Midterm Examination			30%
Memorandum of Law			20%
Final Examination			40%
(written or oral - to be announced)
Class Participation			10%
Law Library Tour			attendance mandatory

(Please note that grading percentages are subject to change.)

	Court and Legal System in the United States
	Legal Research and Case Analysis (greater emphasis in K511)
	Contract Law
	Professional Sport Careers
	Player Agents
	Amateur Athletic Associations
	Amateur Athletics
	Sexual Discrimination Issues
	Drug Testing in Amateur Athletics
	Television and Media Broadcasting
	Trademark Law
	Worker's Compensation
	Antitrust Litigation
	Tax Concerns of Professional Athletes
	Non-Profit Organizations