Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Cardiopulmonary Exercise Physiology
K635 | 6316 | Stager

ANAT A215, PHYSIOLOGY P215, CHEM C105 - C106 or equivalent, Undergraduate
Exercise Physiology.

Meets 1 hour and 15 minutes two times per week

Circulatory Physiology, Smith and Kampine, Williams & Wilkins, 1990.
Respiratory Physiology the Essentials, West, 5th edition, Williams, Wilkers,

SCHEDULE:    Text/Chapters                  Exam               Pts
Approx. Date
(Smith: S   West: W)
S1-5                             	#1
80              09/20
S6-12                          		#2
90              10/18
W1-4                            	#3
110             11/15
W5-9                            #4(Final)
120             12/11


***Prior to each exam a reading file will be placed in the library for your
use.  This
will consist of several articles pertinent to the material to be mastered
for this
particular exam.  It is expected that this material will supplement the
material and the student will be expected to be able to interpret the
significance of
these papers on the exams.***

Other books which may be useful....

Brooks & Fahey; Exercise Physiology, Human Bioenergetics and its application

Guyton-Medical Physiol - 6th Ed. or any general physiology text Astrand -

Textbook of Work Physiology - 3rd Edition

It is my attitude and expectation that students will read the texts and be
to ask questions about material not understood.

As this is a graduate class it is my assumption that students are motivated
find the material interesting.  I will expect students to learn material
covered by the
text as well as that covered in lecture.  Exams will be constructed
Spelling on exams will be required to be correct.  Answers will be short.
Units are
important as are "real numbers".  Thinking is mandatory.