Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Cultural Diversity in Sport (3 cr)
P334 | 6227 | Sailes

African Americans in Sport: Contemporary Themes - Gary Sailes

It is the intent of this course to examine the historical and contemporary
experiences and accomplishments of African American and women athletes.  The
course will investigate the different social institutions in American
culture and examine how those institutions impact and shape the
socialization and participation patterns of African American and women
athletes in amateur, school and professional sports.  The course will take a
critical look at how the mass media shapes our cultural values leading us to
adopt sometimes stereotypical perceptions about African American and women
athletes.  It is the objective of this course to guide the student through
this critical analysis by encouraging them to challenge contemporary
thinking and what they observe in the mass media.

Course evaluation will consist of video critiques (10%), three exams (20%
each) and a research project (30%).  The research project will e a team
project and presented to the class at the end of the semester.  Attendance
is required.  Any student missing more than four classes will have points
deducted from their final cumulative grade.