Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Whitewater Canoeing (1 cr)
R100 | 6606 | D Calvin

Whitewater Canoeing
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This course meets Sept. 17-19, at Wartburg, Obed Watershed, Tennessee.  A
pre-course meeting is scheduled for Sept. 9, 1999 (8:30p.m.-10:00p.m.).

Description:   American Canoe Association Certification Course which
includes canoeing skills, river rescue, boating safety, and an introduction
to outdoor leadership pertaining to watersport.

Required Text: Handouts from ACA materials - provided at Sept. 9th meeting.
I.U. Outdoor Adventures provides books as resources during the course.

Summary of Assignments:   1.) Leadership journal of leadership provided and
experienced, 2.) 3-page paper of their experience, 3.) ACA canoeing skills
checklist, and 4.) 25 question written test.

Additional Information:   This course is limited to 12 students.  An
additional fee is required (includes transportation, gear and food).