Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Fundamentals of Search and Rescue (1 cr)
R100 | 6610 | D Calvin

Fundamentals of Search and Rescue
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This course is offered through the IMU Outfitters.  This course meets Oct.
8-10 and Oct. 22-24.

Description:   FUNSAR is a comprehensive outdoors skills course sponsored by
the National Association for Search and Rescue.  The course involves map and
compass training, nighttime navigation, environmental hazards awareness,
survival skills, and a mock rescue.  Upon completion, participants receive a
nationally recognized certificate of completion and have the skills
necessary to obtain further certification.

Required Book List: Manual is included in fee.

Summary of Assignments:   1.) Lots of reading, 2.) 100-question written test
from National Association of Search and Rescue, and 3.) 24-hour pack

Additional Information:  Additional fee will be required.