Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Recreation and Leisure (3 cr)
R160 | 6616 | C Ross

Recreation and Leisure
6616-Lecture-5:30p-7:15p  M RH100
6617-Discussion-9:05a-9:55a  F HP012
6618-Discussion-9:05a-9:55a  F BH241
6619-Discussion-10:10a-11:00a  F  HP013
6620-Discussion-10:10a-11:00a  F  HP012
6621-Discussion-11:15a-12:05p  F  HP010
6622-Discussion-11:15a-12:05p  F  HP013
6623-Discussion-12:20p-1:10p   F   HP017
6624-Discussion-12:20p-1:10p   F   HP019

Students must register for one of the discussion sections when registering
for this class.  Section 6620 is for honors division students only or
permission of instructor.

Description:  An introduction to the field of recreation and leisure from
the viewpoint of the individual as a consumer and of societal agencies as
providers of leisure services.  Includes philosophy, history, theory and a
survey of public and private leisure service organizations.

Goals:  After completing this course, students will be able to: 1)
understand the concepts of leisure and recreation, 2) describe the industry
and structure of the industry, and 3) identify key works in leisure and

Required Text: Russell, R.  Pastimes: The Context of Contemporary Leisure.
(1996) Brown and Benchmark.

Summary of Assignments:  Students will be completing some personal and
society investigations of leisure and recreation.  The course grade will be
based on three case studies, four project reports, three quizzes and one
final exam.