Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Tourism and Commercial Recreation (3 cr)
R236 | 6625 | K Ruff

Tourism and Commercial Recreation
2:30p-3:20p  MWF  HP012

Description:  The objectives of the course include:  to recognize tourism
and commercial recreation terminology and acronyms, to identify the motives
and needs of travelers, to identify trip and traveler types and apply to
tourism, to understand the structure of the tourism industry and its
interrelated parts, to be able to differentiate service (intangible) and
product (tangible) characteristics, to identify past and current performance
of the travel industry, to develop skills that will enable you to evaluate
performance levels of a destination, tourism business or organization, and
to vision future direction.

Required Text:  Gee, C.Y., Makens, J.C., and Choy, D.J.  (1989).  The Travel
Industry.  Van Nostrand Reinhold.