Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Natural History (3 cr)
R280 | 6632 | D Knapp

Natural History
6632-Lecture-11:15a-12:05p  M  HP019
6633-Laboratory-2:00p-5:00p  W  HP019

Students must register for lab when registering for this course.

Description:  This course will review general concepts related to ecology
and natural history.  The course is based on group and individual
exploration and investigations.  Concepts pertaining to ecology and natural
history will be presented through lecture/discussion and reinforced through
field work.  In other words, you will get dirty.  Due to the nontraditional
approach to this class, the meeting places will be somewhat non-traditional.
Many of the labs will meet at Griffy Lake (approximately 2 miles north of
the campus) as well as other off-campus sites.

Required Text:  Krebs, C. (1988).  The Message of Ecology.  Harper and Row.
Smith, R.L. (1986).  Elements of Ecology.  Harper and Row.

Summary of Assignments:  Mid-term evaluation, class project, major
project/presentation, final evaluation and class participation.