Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Internship Preparation (1 cr)
R301 | 6634 | J Knapp

Internship Preparation
6:50p-7:40p  M  BH344
This course is for non-therapeutic recreation majors only.

Description:  Procedures, preparation of materials, and selection of an
agency for internship.

Required Text:  Student Manual from Collegiate Copies.

Summary of Assignments:  Students will be required to work with Mrs. Knapp
on their course requirements.  Students failing to complete the R301
requirements will receive an F and not be permitted to do an internship.
Each student must complete prior to the conclusion of the fall term (no
incomplete grades are given):  eligibility for internship form, vision
statement, goals and objectives, resume, cover letter, and agency search and

Additional Information:  Only S/F grades given.  Grades are awarded at the
conclusion of the semester when all course criteria have been met.