Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Exploring New Environmental Attitudes (3 cr)
R317 | 6636 | L Bertuccio

Exploring New Environmental Attitudes
3:00p-5:00p  M  WH008
4:00p-5:00p  W  SY0009

Description:  We will examine ideas both ancient and modern which influence
our attitude toward the earth.  In this context, we will consider how our
family attitudes, including the political, religious and social background
influence our behavior.  We will also examine the new perspectives emerging
from a variety of disciplines, including ecology, science, religion, etc.

Required Text:  Milbrath, L. (1996).  Learning to think environmentally
while there is still time.   State University of New York.
Starhawk.  (1996).  The Fifth Sacred Thing.
Packet of readings from Collegiate Copies.

Summary of Assignments:  1) Reading is an essential course assignment, 2)
Short in-class or at home tests during the term, 3) Full participation in
class discussion, 4) 5-6 page final paper, and 5) Presentation of final
paper to class.