Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Recreation Resource Management (3 cr)
R338 | 6642 | B Hronek

Recreation Resource Management
6642-Lecture-8:00a-8:50a  MW  BH205
6643-Lab-1:30p-5:00p  F  Arr

Lab meets first four Fridays during semester.

Description:  Course is an interdisciplinary and ecological approach to
understanding basic natural resource management practices for parks and
outdoor recreation.  Special focus on resource coordination, resource
characteristics, allocation, and distribution of natural and man-modified

Required Text:  Douglas, R.W. (1993).  Forest Recreation (4th Ed.).
Waveland Press.

Summary of Assignments:  Attendance and participation in class discussions
are a critical element of the course.  Course will have three examinations
and a short paper.

Additional Information:  Fee required.