Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Convention Management and Meeting Planning (3 cr)
R351 | 6645 | B Masberg

Convention Management and Meeting Planning
6:30p-9:00p  M  WH106

Description:  To enhance their effectiveness in the tourism and commercial
recreation industry, students should extend this programming focus to
include non-recreational facilities and services, particularly those
associated with various groups and types of meetings such as conventions,
banquets, receptions, and special events.

Required Text:  Hildreth, R.A. (1990).  The Essentials of Meeting
Management.  Regents/Prentice Hall.
Meeting Planning Workbook.

Summary of Assignments:  The primary assignment is a semester long project
where the students complete a conference planning book including objectives,
site selection, program schedule, evaluation and other components of meeting
planning.  The students also have five quizzes scheduled throughout the
semester, and three presentations of their progress on their meeting plan.