Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Therapeutic Communication (3 cr)
R362 | 6646 | D Austin

Therapeutic Communication
6646-9:30a-10:45a  TR  HP195
6647-9:30a-10:45a  TR  HP195

Section 6646 is offered via television and is for on-campus students.
Section 6647 is offered via television for distance education students.

Description:  Students will develop competencies to help assure therapeutic
communication which is needed for effective client relationships in clinical

Required Text:  Austin, D.R. (1996). Therapeutic Recreation Processes and
Techniques. (3rd Ed.).  Sagamore Publishing.
Tamparo, C.D. & Lindh, W.Q. (1992). Therapeutic Communication for Allied
Health. Delmar.

Summary of Assignments:  Midterm, final exam, interview tape, critique, and
professional activities.