Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation (3 cr)
R378 | 6655 | B McCormick

Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation
6655-11:15a-12:30p  TR  HP195
6656-11:15a-12:30p  TR  HP195
Section 6655 is offered via television and is for on-campus students.
Section 6656 is offered via television for distance education students.

Description:  This course will provide knowledge and skills to assist those
developing themselves for careers in therapeutic recreation to gain
competencies necessary for the provision of quality therapeutic recreation
service topics covered:  self-awareness, health and safety considerations,
theories and therapies, therapeutic recreation process, leadership behaviors
and clinical supervision.

Required Text:  Austin, D.R. (1991).  Therapeutic Recreation Processes and
Techniques.  (2nd Ed.).  Sagamore Publishing.
Dattilo, J. and Murphy, W.D. (1987).  Behavior Modification in Therapeutic
Recreation.  Venture Publishing, Inc.

Summary of Assignments:  Self-awareness paper, individual treatment plan,
course project, mid-term and final exam.