Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Senior Seminar (1 cr)
R402 | 6666 | Staff

Senior Seminar
12:20p-1:10p  M  BH335

Topic:  Outdoor Recreation

Description:  This course will investigate issues and topics related to
outdoor recreation.  The course is intended to enable the student to plan,
organize, and lead topics/issues of their choice.  In other words, after
four years (or more) of taking in information, its time to turn the tables
and give out information.

Summary of Assignments:  Seminar Responsibilities--choose two pertinent
outdoor recreation issue/topics.  Plan and lead a seminar pertaining to each
of these topics.  In order to carry out this task, research regarding the
issue/topic will be important including reading assignments to prepare the
class for the seminar.  Outdoor Recreation Article--a publishable article on
an outdoor recreation issue/topic must be completed.  It could pertain to
one of the topics that was chosen for a seminar or a new subject.  It must
be ready for submission to a journal/magazine by the end of the semester.