Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Investigation of Underwater Resources (3 cr)
R421 | 6670 | C Beeker

Investigation of Underwater Resources
3:35p-5:00p  W  HP013

This course requires other times as arranged.

Description:  Recreational diving endorsed Underwater Archaeology
certification.  History of underwater exploration, Abandoned Shipwreck Act,
evolution of maritime technology, and artifact identification.  Includes
Scientific Diver Level II and Sport Underwater Archaeology Certification.

Required Text:  Underwater Dig by Robert Marx and Martitime Archaeology: A
Reader of Substantive and Theoretical Contributions.

Summary of Assignments:  Attend lectures and arranged mock shipwreck pool
and openwater sessions.  Develop site report and feature descriptions.
Final paper on selected topic.

Additional Information:  Diving fee will be required.