Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Marketing for Leisure Services (3 cr)
R422 | 6671 | Staff

Marketing for Leisure Services
1:25p-2:15p  MWF  HP013

Description:  Application of economic and marketing principles to leisure
service delivery systems, including procedures for developing marketing
plans for recreation agencies.  Emphasis on organizing and analyzing the
marketing process and planning the marketing mix, including product, price,
place, and promotion.  For recreation majors with limited background in
economics and marketing.
Goals:  1) To understand basic economic and marketing principles and their
application to the delivery of recreation services, 2) To develop procedures
for organizing and administering a marketing program for a leisure service
agency, 3) To understand methods for conducting a market analysis for
recreation opportunities, 4) To apply pricing methods for recreation
services in public, private and commercial environments, 5) To evaluate
marketing programs in a variety of leisure service settings.

Required Text:  O'Sullivan, E.L. (1991).  Marketing for Parks, Recreation
and Leisure.  Venture Publishing.

Summary of Assignments:  Attendance, term tests, product portfolio and final