Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Recreational Sports Personnel Management (3 cr)
R471 | 6679 | R Barcelona

Recreational Sports Personnel Management
11:15a-12:30p  TR  HP017

Description:  A study of the dynamics of human behavior in mass recreational
programs as it relates to personnel management which incorporates systematic
control through the various personnel functions.

Goals:  The course will provide the following:  a basic understanding of
personnel management skills and techniques; organizational skills in
handling personnel; youth sports; managing parents, coach and players,
training employees, search and screen process and various other issues
relating to personnel management.

Required Text:  Bridges, F.J.  (1996).  Management for Athletic/Sport
Administration:  Theory and Practice.
Assigned readings of various articles and book chapters will be available in
a student readings packet from the various bookstores.

Summary of Assignments:  The course grade will be based on exams, and
several assignments that are realistic and actual scenarios faced by
programmers in the recreation field.