Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Ecosystem Management (3 cr)
R515 | 6687 | N Morales

Ecosystem Management
2:30p-5:30p  W  BH138

Description:  The study of abiotic, biotic and human factors and their
relationship.  Focus of the course is on: 1) Exploring and developing the
concepts of ecosystem and ecosystem management, 2) Practices of ecosystem
management including field and analytical tools, 3) Assessment of current
ecosystem management initiatives in selected ecosystems, and 4) Development
of an ecosystem management plan.

Required Text:  Savory, Allan.  (1988).  Holistic Resource Management.
Island Press.
Class packets - Available at Collegiate Copies-1434 E. 3rd St.
Reserved Readings - HPER Library

Summary of Assignments:  Three tests and Ecosystem Management Plan.

Additional Information:  This course requires a special fee.  This course
meets with R425 (Section 6672).