Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Fundraising in Public and Non-Profit Agencies (3 cr)
R515 | 6690 | B Hronek

Fundraising in Public and Non-Profit Agencies
6:30p-9:00p  T  WH006

Description:  The purpose of this course is to provide, through a
workshop-like setting, a basic understanding of philanthropy, fund raising,
volunteerism and institutional advancement.  It is assumed that graduate
students enrolled in this course will move into or return to managerial
positions and have overall responsibilities for institutional advancement
including supervision of fund raising and volunteer service programs.  Thus,
the focus of this workshop is on management strategies and methods necessary
to implement successful fund raising programs.  It is further assumed that
institutional areas represented by members of this workshop (park and
recreation administration, leisure services, art administration and music,
education, sports management, community health and fitness, and
environmental education) are becoming increasingly dependent on external
fiscal support and volunteer services.

Required Text:  Mixer, J.R.  (1993). Principles of Professional Fundraising:
Useful Foundations for Successful Practice.  Jossey-Bass Publishers.
Other suggested readings as assigned during course of semester.
Textbooks are subject to change.

Summary of Assignments:  Readings, individual study, written assignments,
in-class exercises, term project, class participation, regular class
attendance and in-class summary are all relative to a successful semester in
this class.  There will be extra credit options available during the