Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Comprehensive Recreation Planning/Park Design (3 cr)
R530 | 6694 | S Wolter

Comprehensive Recreation Planning/Park Design
5:30p-8:00p  M  BH317

Description:  Procedures for developing community comprehensive park and
recreation plans and park site specific plans including design
characteristics for selected recreation and support facilities.  Emphasis on
planning policies and procedures, surveys, data gathering and design

Required Text:  Kelsy and Gray. (1985).  Master Plan Process for Parks and
Fogg. (1986).  A Site Design Process.

Summary of Assignments:  Summarize and critique a community comprehensive
park and recreation plan which is on reserve in the HPER Library.  Identify
and describe planning and design characteristics of a selected recreation
facility or a support facility.

Additional Information:  This course meets with R468 (Section 6678).