Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Principles of Outdoor/Environmental Education (3 cr)
R543 | 6698 | D Knapp

Principles of Outdoor/Environmental Education
4:00p-5:15p  TR  HP010

Description:  This course will investigate the foundations, methodologies
and applications of outdoor education, interpretation, and environmental
education.  This course is intended to help students understand the basic
goals, philosophies, and teaching methods of these three professional
fields.  This class will utilize discussion, hands-on activities, field
trips, and program observations to help achieve the course goals.

Required Text:  A mandatory readings packet is available at TIS Bookstore.
Another resource book is available as an optional purchase-but strongly
suggested for those inclined toward interpretation.  That text is:  Regnier,
K., Gross, M., and Zimmerman, R. (1992).  The Interpreters Guidebook.  UW-SP
Foundation Press.

Summary of Assignments:  Foundations evaluation, final evaluation, peer
teaching project/presentation, community project, assignments,
participation, class session, and OE/Int/EE paper.

Additional Information:  This course requires 2-3 field trips on Fridays.