Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Leisure and Aging (3 cr)
R565 | 6702 | L Lorenzen-Huber

Leisure and Aging
10:10a-11:00a  MWF  WH005

Description:  The steady expansion of the older adult population is a widely
accepted fact.  The role of leisure in older adulthood is increasingly
recognized as important for all sections of this heterogeneous population
group.  This course explores the role of leisure in adult development with
specific focus on the aging process, leisure needs and leisure services.
Basic concepts associated with leisure, aging, targeting leisure services,
research, and public policy are presented with a sensitivity toward
forecasting leisure demand in the 21st century.

Required Text:  Teaque, M. and Mac Neil, R.  (1992).  Aging and Leisure:
Vitality in Later Life.  Brown and Benchmark.
Kelly, J.  (1993).  Activity and Aging:  Staying Involved in Later Life.
Sage Publications, Inc.

Summary of Assignments:  Undergraduates will write one short paper, do a
project in the community and give an oral presentation.  Graduates will do
the above, but write a longer paper.  There are a variety of in-class
learning experiences which are required.

Additional Information:  This course meets with R365 (Section 6651).