Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Practicum in Recreation and Parks (3 cr)
R643 | 6717 | C Ross

Practicum in Recreation and Parks
11:15a-12:30p  T  HP019

Description:  This is the first of two courses currently offered by the
department for the purpose of helping graduate students become better
teachers.  Faculty in many university systems are being called upon to
demonstrate not only commitment to excellence in teaching, but also
effectiveness in the teaching being done to an increasingly more diverse
student population.  These two courses are intended to prepare students with
the fundamental teaching skills and awareness prerequisites to masterful
teacing.  This first course will concentrate primarily on the mechanics of
teaching and classroom management.  Varieties of teaching techniques,
assignment design, grading, evaluation, and student feedback/assessment will
be discussed in weekly seminars with students then having the opportunity to
practice development of strategies for specific weekly discussion groups
that they are responsible for.

Required Text:  Davis, B.G. (1993).  Tools for teaching.  Jossey-Bass
McKeachie, W.J. (1994).  Teaching Tips: Strategies, research and theory for
college and university teachers.  D.C. Heath and Company.
Lowman, J. (1995).  Mastering the techniques of teaching.  (2nd Ed.).
Jossey-Bass Publishers.

Summary of Assignments:  It is assumed that students enrolled in this class
are intrinsically motivated by the desire to become a better teacher.  Thus,
students in this class bring with them an enthusiasm for learning and
completing all of the activities deemed important for making this adventure
in teaching meaningful and enjoyable.