Near Eastern Languages & Cultures | Literature of the Ottoman Court in Translation
N600 | 3279 | Silay

Course Meets: 2nd 8 weeks
2:30 -3:45   W   BH 137 and 2:30 - 3:45   TR   WH 008

The course will involve readings and analysis of some of the most representative literary texts of the
Ottoman court, including both prose and poetry. You will be introduced to a variety of different literary
forms practiced by Ottoman authors.  In addition to analyzing these texts according to the classical
Ottoman canon, we will also pay considerable attention to the modern and contemporary theoretical
approaches to this long literary tradition.  Discussions will include nationalist, Marxist, Islamist and
postmodernist interpretations, which should allow us to comprehend more fully the broader issue of
modern understandings of medieval literature in general.