Near Eastern Languages & Cultures | Intermediate Persian I
P200 | 3308 | Staff

Course Meets: 9:30 - 10:45   MWF  PV 270

This course will continue the study of modern standard Persian begun in Elementary Persian, concentrating
on the mastery of complex grammatical structures and vocabulary acquisition.  Although we will focus on
reading and writing skills, we will also devote time to gaining fluency in modern colloquial (Tehran dialect)
pronunciation.  Emphasis will also be placed on reading and translating texts in various styles of increasing
complexity, drawn from both Windfuhr's textbook and from modern Iranian publications selected by the
instructor.  We will begin our study of the differences between modern and classical Persian and read simple
passages of classical poetry and prose.  All students are required to purchase the dictionary listed below, if
they have not already done so for Elementary Persian.

Required texts:
Windfuhr, Gernot and Bostanbakhsh, Shapour. Modern Persian: Intermediate Level I.
Thackston, Wheeler M.  An Introduction to Persian.
Aryanpur Kashani, Abbas and Manoochehr.  The Combined New Persian-English and English-Persian