Nursing | Group Dynamics
B301 | ALL | Murray

Nursing Majors - Semester VI
2 credits
Requirements: B300, lower-division nursing prerequisites, or
permission of instructor.

This course focuses on the dynamics of group process through the
use of concepts, theories, and models.  Development of skills to
promote effective collaborative group functioning in health care
settings is emphasized.  Selected normative conditions for
effective group process serve as foundation for the course.

Course Objectives:

At the completion of this course students will be able to:

1.	Describe the characteristics of groups as systems.
2.	Explain the issues and problems involved in the development
	of groups.
3.	Explain the behavior of groups using selected theories
	related to group process.
4.	Discuss the growth of self and others as person,
	professionals, and citizens within the interactive
	processes of groups.
5.	Review research findings applicable to group process.
6.	Relate concepts and theories/models to group process.
7.	Apply the principles and practices of group dynamics to the
	preparation of an educational program about professional
	issues, roles, and/or practice.
8.	Evaluate the effectiveness of self and others as members of
	groups using selected theories/models of group interaction.

B301 Group Dynamics, uses experimental teaching/learning
strategies.  Students will learn, through actual experience, how
and why groups sometimes function effectively and sometimes
function ineffectively.

Students will be assigned to a group and will be members of that
group for the duration of the course.  The number of group
members can range from ten to twelve and each group will be
assigned an identification number.  Students will complete
individual and group assignments as members of a group.  The
quality and quantity of the learning is dependent on the energy
used and efforts made by the members of each group.

A.	Participation in large and small group discussion about
	course and class content.
B.	Participation in selected and structured interactive
C.	Preparation of a report about the observation of a selected
	community support group.
D.	Presentation by your group of an educational program
	focusing on culture and health care.
E.	Presentation of a group analysis of the group process
	involved in the preparation and presentation of the
	educational event.