Nursing | Health Status of Adults II
J305 | ALL | Emerick/Wellman

Nursing Majors - Semester VI
3 credits
Requirements: upper-division nursing semester V courses

This courses focuses on human responses to complex health
problems which necessitate a diversity of nursing roles.
Students examine relationships among concepts from nursing,
humanities, and biopsychosocial sciences as a basis for nursing

Course Objectives:

At the completion of this course the student will be able to:

1.	Relate stages of adult growth and development to selected
	health problems.
2.	Interpret the impact of ecological variables upon health
	status of the adult client.
3.	Predict actual/potential health problems for adult clients.
4.	Operationalize concepts of prevention of illness for adult
5.	Operationalize concepts of health promotion for adult
6.	Operationalize concepts of restoration of health for adult
7.	Operationalize concepts of health maintenance for adult
8.	Discuss concepts of autonomy and change as they relate to
	nursing practice for clients with selected health problems.
9.	Predict nursing diagnosis categories that are priorities for
	adult individuals experiencing selected health problems.
10.	Utilize scientific principles as rationale for nursing
11.	Relate concepts and theories from biopsychosicial sciences,
	humanities and nursing to nursing practice.
12.	Review research findings applicable to nursing practice.
13.	Demonstrate accountability and responsibility for own