Nursing | Mental Health Nursing
P353 | ALL | Staff

Nursing Majors - Semester VI
2 Credits
Requirements: Upper-division semester V courses

Application of nursing process with adult patients experiencing
acute and chronic mental health problems in structured
psychiatric/mental health settings.  Primary focus is restoration
and maintenance with attention to the need for prevention and the
advocacy role of professionals.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, the student will:
1.	Respond to patients as holistic beings whose behavior is
	influenced by the environment.
2.	Apply concepts and theories from biopsychosocial sciences,
	behavioral sciences, humanities and nursing to form a
	foundation for nursing practice with patients.
3.	Employ concepts of stress, coping and psychosocial growth
	and development in providing care to patients with mental
	health needs.
4.	Utilize nursing process to diagnose and treat human
	responses of individuals and groups to facilitate maximum
	mental health potential.
5.	Utilize therapeutic communication approaches in establishing
	and maintaining relationships with patients and others.
6.	Use teaching-learning concepts with patients systems which
	facilitate maximum mental health potential.
7.	Implement nursing activities within structured settings
	which facilitate maximum mental health potential.
8.	Utilize the nursing process with patients having mental
	health needs in roles of teacher-counselor, patient-
	advocate, care provider and collaborator.
9.	Practice professional and ethical behavior in interactions
	with patients, peers and others in mental health settings.
10.	Demonstrate leadership behaviors which facilitate desired
	outcomes for self and others.
11.	Review research findings relevant to mental health nursing
	needs in structured settings.
12.	Demonstrate responsibility/accountability for professional
	nursing practice in structured mental health settings.