V201 Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye
Instructor: E. Rivron

This course provides an overview of the anatomy and physiology of the human visual system, with particular emphasis on the anatomy of the eye and visual pathway. The brain and nervous system, skull and orbit, and extraocular muscles and eye movements are also discussed. Laboratory work includes microscopic study of the monkey eye, examination of the human skull and brain, and dissection of a mammalian eye.

A textbook and handbook are required. These are complemented with video- and audiotapes and two short model-building projects. The course consists of two 50-minute lectures and one 2-hour lab (including a quiz) per week. Attendance is mandatory. Two midterm exams and a comprehensive final examination are based on the lecture and tape material; midterm and comprehensive final lab exams are also given. Grades are not curved. There is no prerequisite, although an interest in biology is helpful. In addition to students in the Optometric Technology Program, the course attracts those interested in the anatomical basis of perception or considering a career in visual sciences.

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