Philosophy | Ancient Greek Philosophy
P201 | 3371 | Eisenberg

This course will be concerned with selected figures and topics from the foremost
period of ancient Greek philosophy.  First, we shall consider briefly the origin of
philosophy in the West and the relations between Greek and Asian thought.
Several of the very early or so-called pre-Socratic schools of Greek philosophy
will then be discussed, with special emphasis on the works of two of the principal
philosophers of that period, Heraclitus and Parmenides.  After a brief discussion
of Socrates, the remainder of the course will be devoted to a selected survey of
works by two of the greatest - and probably, the two most influential -
philosophers of all time, Plato and Aristotle.  Topics to be treated include key
problems in metaphysics, theory of knowledge, philosophy of religion, and ethics.

Required readings will be mainly from the works of the great philosophers
themselves.  There will be two papers, each approximately five pages in length.
The mid-semester and the final exams will be of the essay type.