Philosophy | Philosophy of Art
P546 | 3385 | Brand

Topic: Foundations of Feminist Art: History. Philosophy, Context
Course meets with G402 and G701; PRIOR AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED.

This class will be team-taught under 3 separate course listings by artist/author
Judy Chicago, philosopher Peg Brand, and art historian Jean Robertson, and will
explore the history and theoretical foundations of the concept of "feminist art," the
lack of consensus in defining the term in spite of recurring subject matter and
ideological perspectives.  We will explore such questions as:

How is feminist art to be defined?  Is feminist art only made by women?  Is
feminist art only intended for a female audience?  Must its subject matter be
exclusively issues of female identity?

The classroom experience will be augmented by: a class visit and additional
lectures by visiting art critic Edward Lucie Smith, a class visit and additional
lecture at the Indianapolis Museum of Art by art critic Lucy R. Lippard, interaction
and several joint meetings with Judy Chicago's Fine Arts Project class, and
interaction and a joint meeting with Professor Enid Zimmerman's Art Education
class.  Additionally, an exhibition of Chicago's artworks will be view at the Indiana
University Art Museum early in the semester.

Contact Peg Brand ( for information on enrolling.