Political Science | The Formation of Public Policy in the US
Y303 | 3553 | Kauneckis

	This course is designed to introduce students to the study of the
public policy process.  It is constructed to develop analytic skills for
understanding policy decision-making.  This will necessarily include a mix
of theoretical approaches and substantive public policy areas.  The first
part of the course familiarizes students with the key players in the US
policy context.  The second part presents current theories of the public
policy process.  Lastly we will examine how these theoretical approaches aid
in understanding substantive policy areas.  This will include an examination
of contemporary environmental policy, criminal justice, and regional
economic development, as well as one current policy issue to be selected by
the students.  Each class session will incorporate a mix of lecture and
classroom discussion.  Lectures are designed to familiarize students with a
common vocabulary to formulate their opinions and discussion.  Classroom
participation is encouraged.  A major portion of the class grade will be
based on a final project of the student's choice.