Political Science | Gender and Politics
Y396 | 3570 | Firmin-Sellers

I am a feminist.
In the 1960s and 1970s, that statement was quite popular among many American
women.  Today, the statement has fallen out of fashion.  Why, and is that
We pursue three goals in this class.  First, we will try to understand how
men and women have thought about gender over time.  What have we learned
about the way in which gender is constructed?  Second, we will explore how
conceptions of gender vary cross nationally.  How do feminists working in
the United States and Europe differ from those working in Africa or Latin
America?  Third, we will consider how adopting a feminist perspective alters
the way we look at politics more generally.  If you work from a feminist
perspective, does that change the way you think about NAFTA?  About the
World Bank?  About Bill Clinton?
The course will be taught in a seminar format.  Its success is dependent
upon student preparation for and participation in class.  The reading load
will be heavy, and you will have frequent (but manageable) writing