Political Science | Politics in Advance Industrialized Democracies (3 cr)
Y657 | 3587 | Rohrschneider

This course meets with WEUR W605

This seminar about West European politics introduces participants to a range
of issues that concern analysts of Western Europe and, more broadly,
advanced industrialized democracies. Therefore, this class is not just a
survey of West European countries. Rather, using Western Europe as a
"testing ground," the seminar's analytical goal is to introduce participants
to several issues that preoccupy analysts of advanced democracies. You may
thus conceive of the seminar as an Approaches and Issues class about
advanced democracies. Accordingly, the seminar's thematic focus will change
on an almost weekly basis. Topics include Institutional Systems, Party
systems, Political Culture, Modernization and Economic Theories of
Democracy, and Coalition Theories. In addition to weekly memos on the
assigned reading material, course requirements include a term paper, a final
exam, and, above all, thoughtful contributions to seminar discussions.