Psychology | Statistical Techniques
K310 | 3633 | D. Robinson

Prerequisite: Math M119 or equivalent
Introduction to statistics; nature of statistical data; ordering and
manipulation of data; measures of central tendency and dispersion;
elementary probability; concepts of statistical inference and decision;
estimation and hypothesis testing.  Special topics include regression and
correlation, analysis of variance, nonparametric methods.  Credit given
for only one of the following: K300, K310; Criminal Justice P291;
Economics E270; Sociology S250; or SPEA K300.
Format: Lecture, discussion encouraged.
Homework: There will be weekly assignments using the computer package,
Tests: Four examinations.  No make-up exams.
Grading: Grades are available via the web at any time after the first
examination and will be updated as soon as possible after each examination
is graded.  The final grade is based on total points over the four exams,
classroom performance, and homework.  The grades are not "curved".
Availability of Instructor: There will be regular office hours, other
times by appointment.  A graduate assistant will also be available for
office hours and by appointment.  "Drop-ins" and communication by e-mail
are encouraged.