Psychology | Operant & Pavlovian Conditioning
P413 | 3655 | A. Machado

Prerequisite of P325 or consent from instructor.  This course is centered
on the study of choice behavior from the perspectives of operant
psychology and behavioral ecology.  Initially, we will cover some
quantitative tools necessary to understand the research in the area.
Next, we address how animals assess and choose among feeding alternatives.
The entire course will also emphasize the interplay between proximal and
evolutionary interpretations: the operant research will be presented with
evolution in mind and the ecological research will be presented with an
emphasis on mechanistic constraints.  The format of the course will be a
mixture of lectures, seminar-style discussions, and computer
demonstrations.  There will also be two guest speakers.
No exams will be given.  The final grade will be based on two medium-size
papers and in-class participation (presentation and discussion of the
student's papers, published articles, etc).