Psychology | Principles of Psychopathology
P624 | 3686 | P. Finn

The main focus of this course is on the science of psychopathology, which
entails a critical examination of conceptual frameworks or models of
psychopathology, issues in the classification of psychopathology, methods
of research in psychopathology, the validity of specific disorders, and
the empirical support for current etiological theories of specific
disorders.  A secondary emphasis is on descriptive psychopathology and the
application of the current diagnostic system (DSM-IV).  Descriptive
psychopathology covers the actual diagnostic criteria, differential
diagnosis, issues related to symptom identification (and heterogeneity),
and the use of the DSM system.  We will view some videos, read case
material, discuss cases, and apply the DSM diagnostic system.  We have a
computer based DSM-III-R (4th edition to come soon) software package
(DTREE) to use as a teaching tool in applying the DSM system.
The primary emphasis in class meetings, exams, and quizzes will be on the
conceptual, theoretical, and empirical.  There will be assignments
covering the descriptive psychopathology component of the course.
Text:  American Psychiatric Association (1994).  Diagnostic and
Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: Fourth Edition (DSM-IV).