Psychology | Topical Seminar: Cognitive Electrophysiology
P657 | 3690 | B. O'Donnell

The seminar will cover four areas:  1) Neural substrates of event related
potentials and techniques for source localization, 2) Experimental
methodology, 3) Event-related potentials studies of a) sensory b)
c) motor processes in humans, 4) Event-related potential paradigms in
psychopathology and neuropsychology.  ERP findings will be reviewed for
aging, neurodegenerative disorders, schizophrenia, depression, bipolar
disorder, stroke, attention deficit disorder, and autism.   The detail and
breadth in which we'll cover teach topic will be influenced by student
interests.  Grades will be based on class presentations, participation,
a review paper or lab project.  There will also be some laboratory
demonstrations so that students who are not doing a project can get some
hands on experience of the methods.